Meet the Staff

Dr. Sylvia Minnis

Veterinarian and Owner: Dr. Sylvia Minnis, whose vision of a better way of practicing veterinary medicine drove her to create Caledonia Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Minnis graduated from the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia. A former equine  veterinarian, Dr. Minnis is pleased to be able to once again provide basic veterinary care for horses as well as small animals. Dr. Minnis shares her home with 3 cats: Rufus, Chubbs, and Finn. She also has a goofy but lovable Boston Terrier, Baseball. Kelan the Irish Wolfhound and Chuck you will meet down at the clinic! If Dr. Minnis had free time, she would love to read,  bake, and spend time outdoors. 

Dr. Curt Perry

Veterinarian: Joining Dr. Minnis is veterinarian Dr. Curtis Perry. He is the previous owner of Belle City Veterinary Clinic. He practiced there from 1968 til 2002 when he sold the practice. Dr. Perry then worked for Countryside Humane Society where he performed all their surgeries. At Caledonia Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Perry brings his many years of experience to our surgical suite also. He is an avid golfer! In his spare time, he volunteers for Meals on Wheels and numerous other organizations. 

Allie Kotowicz

Office Manager and Vet Tech: The  heart and soul of the team is Office Manager and Veterinary Technician, Allie Kotowicz. She keeps the veterinarians on track and organized and knows most clients and their pets by name. Allie is a friend of pit bulls everywhere and you will often find her showing off pictures of her beloved Zelda. Allie has a GIANT rabbit, a Green Cheeked Conure named Tiny Bird, 5 Leopard Geckos, and also shares her home with numerous cats: Cheddar, Nectar, Ah-Bob, Roni, Inky, Poe, and Tinky! 

Brenda Hammond

Receptionist and Vet Assistant: Brenda Hammond has many years experience working with animals. She has a Bengal named Atlas, a domestic shorthair named William Jarvis, and a ball python named Maximus. She enjoys geocaching in her free time with her husband and three children.