Veterinary medicine is one of those rare professions where the actual  patient isn't the client. Serving both the patient and the client  requires a unique blend of compassion, flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to go beyond the obvious. Here at Caledonia Veterinary Clinic you will NEVER hear us say "We don't do that here." When you and your pet come to us for either a routine wellness visit or a specific health concern, our response will always be: "Let's see what we can do to help you with that." We involve you in every step of the way, from new puppy or kitten health care plans to that unexpected illness or injury in an older animal, including the inevitable problems of an aging pet. We are talking about YOUR FAMILY here; some of them just have four legs, and  will need you to advocate for them. Let Caledonia Veterinary Clinic guide and join you in that advocacy: it is the foundation of our practice philosophy and the reason for our Passion for Compassion

Come by and see us at 4338 Highway 38! We'd love to show off our new state of the art facility and showcase our philosophy of veterinary care  by answering your questions and introducing our staff.

See what our clients have to say...


"Dr. Minnis is a vet that is caring and compassionatate about you and your love for your pets, giving your pet the best possible care even having to help out after hours. I would recommend Dr. Minnis and Caledonia Veterinary Clinic 200%" - Suz

"The combination of compassion and common sense you all show at Caledonia Vet Clinic is amazing! I feel like Dr. Minnis is truly fond of my pets and a real partner in their care. We recently had to have our old Lab put down on very short notice. Dr. Minnis came out to our house as soon as she could and her care and love for our big guy made what could have been a disaster into a bittersweet moment as we were able to say goodby to him in his own home. We will forever be grateful for that." - Holly

"Caledonia Vet is THE best clinic around!! Dr. Minnis is very informative & really cares about our fur kids. Her staff is absolutely wonderful!!!" - Erika

"By far amazing clinic! If you want a straight shootin vet that will not give you the run around this is her!!!!" - Jodie

"Dear Dr. Minnis and Allie, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your already busy day to come to my house, first thing in the morning. You never once made me feel rushed as I as saying my final goodbyes and telling him how much I love him. You and Allie provided such wonderful support to help me get past the guilt of choosing euthanasia over expensive surgery that may not have even helped him. Little Grey passed on with dignity, in his own home, surrounded with love. Your and Allie's kindness and compassion is something that will never be forgotten. With all my heart and soul... Thank you." - Marcy

"Dear Dr. Minnis and Allie, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassionate home visits and for helping to make letting go of Jake less unbearable. He was the gentlest, most mellow "kid" I've ever had. To know him was to love him. I miss him so much, but I know the decision to let him fall asleep peacefully at home was the best decisions for Jake." - Sandy

"We love Dr. Minnis and Allie! Bernie might be their trouble maker of a patient but I secretly know that they love seeing him! They always are so friendly and help in any way that they can. You can truly see their love and compassion for animals of all kinds! This is the only place I will ever trust with my fur babies!" - Jennifer

"Dr. Minnis and her staff are the best!! We have a very old cat with several medical issues. Thanks to Caledonia Vet Clinic, she has lived longer than we expected and is doing well. I love this cat very much and I am grateful for the extra time I've had with her. Thank you, Dr. Minnis." - Roxanne

"Dr. Minnis and her staff are awesome. She is the only vet out of 3 vets that we took our dog to that came up with a medication to treat our dogs' mast cell tumor rather then the alternative major surgery and chemotherapy. If not for Dr. Minnis who knows what may have happened to our beautiful fur baby. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone." - Marci

"So thankful to the entire staff at Caledonia Veterinary Clinic! Thank  you to Dr. Perry, Allie, and Dr. Minnis for the roles you played in helping our gentle giant. Our dog needed surgery and they squeezed her in and she is recovering beautifully. They put us at ease and have always been caring and wonderful to my big fur babies! We have been seeing Dr. Minnis and Allie for over 7 years and the compassion they show is unmatched." - Katie Z.

"Absolutely phenomenal experience with Dr. Minnis and her staff. My new  puppy loved her and I was so impressed with how thoroughly she checked  him out and walked me through what to expect in the coming months with him. Top notch!" - Katie

"A very special thank you to Dr. Minnis and Allie for always taking such  good care of Luey. They have been there for Luey through many medical issues and always gave him top notch care. We will miss seeing you guys" - Jordan