Caledonia Veterinary Clinic
Helpful Links
CareCredit - Click here to see benefits and to apply today!
Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center - Emergency & Specialty Pet Care 24/7
Doctors Foster and Smith - Order your pet's medication here!
RenAvast - Promotes healthy kidney function in cats
1-800-PetMeds - Order your pet's medication here!
Tri-Heart Plus - Generic Heartworm Prevention for Dogs
Bravecto - Delivers the protection of 12-week flea & tick control
Heartgard Plus - Heartworm Prevention for Dogs
Vectra 3D - The One Minute Flea & Tick Routine
Petfinder - Looking to add another member to your family?
Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists - For any pet emergency!
Royal Canin - Premium Dog and Cat Food
Purina - Good Food, Good Life
American Heartworm Society - What is heartworm disease?
Lyme Disease in Dogs - Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Kindred Kitties - Kindred Kitties kitty shelter, finding homes for homeless kitties!
ASPCA - We Are Their Voice 
Brew City Bully Club - Put on a smile. Pit bull style!
Lab Rescue and Adoption - Labrador Education And Rescue Network
HomeAgain - Pet Microchip for Dogs and Cats. A lost pet's best chance.
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